About Igesco

Provide a framework for mentoring, coaching and provide financial services specialized in accounting and financial management and control costs for small non-profit organization and businesses.


Igesco is a firm that provide personalized financial services for non-profit organization and small-medium business to develop and build financial capacity management.


High quality of financial services
Authentic client relation
Committed toward partners
Personalized support

Jean-François Brassard, CPA
Jean-François Brassard, CPA
Push the limits, grow as an individual

The founder

As a financial consultant, I worked around the world in complex and challenging environments for a large and well-known humanitarian
organization and I also offered consultancy services for organizations working in sustainable development plus working for an audit firm
specializing in Cooperative, NGOs and small growing businesses. Combined with more than 15 years of work with large organizations specializing in telecommunications and financial services.

Known for my communication and leadership skills, working for social causes and travelling around the world are my motivation.

Nature admirer, environment devotee and sports and outdoor activities enthusiast!